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Michael Davis



Michael is a high-energy, professional, team player that thrives in fast-paced work environments. He is a quick learner and malleable to fit the specific requirements of an ever-changing service industry. Outside of the property management, Michael has dedicated more than ten years to humanitarian efforts to help those suffering from injustice and poverty in America and around the world. An international subject matter expert and public speaker, Michael’s personality is perfectly suited for customer service in any form.



CARTER AND ASSOCIATES                                                   Jan 2017 – March 2019


  • Property Manager for (2) Single Family homes in Dana Point

  • Vacation Rental Manager (10) properties throughout Orange County

  • Short Term and Long Term resident management

  • Customer Service / Tenant relations / Tenant grievances

  • Leasing specialist

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Staging



BOLOUR & ASSOCIATES                                                     May 2015 – December 2016

  • Property Manager for three buildings, combined 88 units

  • Helped to reduce vagrant population loitering at the residence

  • Managed and hired vendors

  • Managed maintenance team

  • Provided support for tenant grievances

  • Established a working relationship with local Hollywood Police

  • Processed rent checks, late fees, scep fees

  • Posted notices and supported legal action for evictions

  • Schedule, show, and lease apartments

  • Created and managed a list of emergency and general vendors

  • Create beautification strategies for older units

  • Managed maintenance schedules for all buildings

  • Created affiliate parking arrangement w/ neighborhood retail shops for tenants

  • Created new protocols to make communication more efficient between tenants & management

  • Managed AirBnB and short term vacation penthouse on premises


THE ELIZADE GROUP                                                       March 2013 - December 2013


  • Property Manager for dual properties (family homes) in Palmdale/Lancaster

  • Prepared all rental agreements

  • Provided support for tenant grievances

  • Light maintenance

  • Established a list of vendors and managed all documentation


DONALDSON GROUP/SAWYER REALTY                              February 2012 - January 2013

  • Assistant Property Manager

  • Prepared rental agreements

  • Served 3-day notices and warning penalties

  • Schedule and show appointments for apartment viewing

  • Provided support for tenant grievances

  • Light maintenance duties (plumbing, painting, cleaning)

TREO CAPITAL GROUP                                                   January 2010 - November 2011

  • Created marketing materials of foreclosed houses

  • Placed advertisements for potential tenants

  • Assisted with evictions when necessary

  • Changed locks and set up lock boxes

  • Set up all utilities

  • Confirmed H.O.A. dues payment schedule

  • Set up appointments with contractors 

  • Assisted with city inspection requirements

  • Researched contractors / vendors for rehab and landscaping projects

  • Collected rent from tenants and handled tenant issues


ARCHSTONE PROPERTIES                                                  April 2009 - October 2009

  • Leasing consultant

  • Created work orders for building maintenance techs

  • Provided support for tenant grievances



2005 Hollywood Film Festival winner for Best Short Subject

Deffie awards for Best HD Dramatic Short

Best Short Subject, and runner up for Best Director

Youth for Human Rights honoree

People to People International Make a Difference Award recipient.


Carter & Associates

Bruce Carter - CEO




Bolour & Associates

Jonathan Rosenthal - supervisor

Acquistion Specialist/Landlord



Donaldson Group / Sawyer Realty

Dexter Hagley – Property Manager



Treo Capitol Group

Catherine Bari – Regional Manager



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