Who We Are

Artists United for Social Justice (AUSJ), is a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization that supports the creation and distribution of multi-media content that educates the public, particularly youth, about human rights violations and social injustices.

We do this by choosing issues that are topical and telling stories that are raw and authentic. We collaborate with artists, non profits, advocates, corporate sponsors to implement our campaigns to raise awareness and support organizations that we partner with.


100,000+ American children are lured, manipulated, and forced into child trafficking or some form of sexual exploitation annually. The IST MISSION: Create and distribute cause-related films to raise awareness. Support our partnering organizations' initiatives to prevent, rehabilitate, and support victims. End The Demand!

With this initiative, our goal is to elevate the conversation around the issue of consent and assault. Using our latest film The Conversation, we will address some of the prevailing challenges and solutions to cultivate healthier relationships between women and men.


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